Japanese Traditional Hand spin top

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This is a type of hand-operated, hand-turned, MDF material,Kyokugoma style Japanese top.

It has a detachable shaft for easy carrying. The plain model will be sold first before the colored version.

Since there are many differences between normal top and this, we hope that you will read the explanation on this page to the end and be confirmed with your purchase.

(1) This model is designed to be a replica that gives you a feel of Original Kyokugoma. It is ideal for display and lightly spinning.Use different material and made in China,and no balancing finish.

A certain amount of knowledge is required to use it as a top. A manual is included, but it only includes instructions on how to assemble and spin the pieces, not on the techniques.

The manufacturing method and materials are different from those of the traditional Japanese kyokugoma.

Although the Origjinal Kyokugoma is not available in the market

There are few opportunities to experience the culture of Kyokudokugaku, so we made this replica to give you a taste of the atmosphere.

By using MDF, a material with a more uniform density than natural materials, we are able to ensure that there are no pieces that are "greatly" out of balance. As a result, we were able to mass-produce a handcrafted, yet inexpensive and easy to find, top-quality piece.

Although many of the functions of a spinning top are the same, it is completely different products from a traditional Kyokugoma.

In order to keep the price low, we do not conduct a strict quality inspection of the spin performance to detect defective products even it has few wobble. We consider a product to be good if it can be spin without any big problems.

If you purchase two or more, please understand that there are individual differences in balance. We may not accept returns or exchanges on the grounds of balance. Please note that it is possible to re-balance (i.e., add additional weights to increase the accuracy of rotation) this top.

About quality

Due to the characteristics of MDF, the surface may be rough or uneven, and some people may feel that the finish is dirty, but this is a product specification because the material has the characteristics of wood.

Body material: MDF

Shaft: Stainless steel

Place of origin: China 

How to spin

By fixing the axis in a higher position, it can be used as a throwing top with a string (for advanced players). Please be careful when using it, as the axis will bend in one drop.

spinning on hand