Option Parts for LOOP UP

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Optional parts and maintenance parts for JPLsolutions LOOP UP.

Cap spacer for the LoopUp.

By sandwiching it between the body and the cap, it increases the area where the cap touches the body, increasing the loop feeling will be more rigid.

The cap may float slightly when installed.

In this case, scrape the cap side of the spacer slightly with sandpaper or the like.

This item is sold in units of 1 piece. If you want to put it on both sides, please buy 2.

Exclusively for LoopUp.

These rings are made of PC and can add about 1.0g of weight in two pieces.

This item is sold in units of 1 piece. If you want to put it on both sides, please buy 2.

LoopUp regular axle.

sold in units of 1 piece.

LoopUp regular spacer.

sold in units of 1 piece. need 2 pcs to use a yo-yo.

This nut kit is used to prevent the yo-yo from loosening in the air.

(*If the setting is correct, almost no disintegration in the air occurs even without using it.

By tightening the nut on the fixing side as well as the adjusting side, it is possible to prevent airborne disintegration on the stage and other situations where it is absolutely necessary to prevent airborne disintegration.

Please use the attached black washer between the body and the nut.

Please avoid using a thin nut without a black washer.

A set of four, two of each of the thin nut and light weight washers.

Contents: Black Washer x 2, Thin Nut x 2

Regular nuts (2 pcs)

This is a washer with a thickness of less than 0.1mm that is used when adjusting the height of the spacer.

Use between the spacer and the body.

We recommend that you try this on both sides, especially if you are using Kitty String.

It is sold as a set of 4 pieces.

Regular Spacer of LoopUP Metal Spacer.

1 red spacer and 1 blue spacer.

to remove caps.

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