NSK DSBearing C size Made in Japan(Gold/Platinum)

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High quarity bearing for yoyo.
This time, we Yoyorecreation signed business partnership with NSK(NSK Ltd. Japan) for the ultimate ball bearings.
Needless to say, NSK Ltd. is the top ball bearing manufacturer in Japan.
Having nearly 100years history of manufacture techniques, now the company leads the whole ball bearing industry.
They were very rare Japanese company which selected two times for “Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World” , therefore they are paid attention all over the world.
As development yoyo ball bearings, we receive high reviews for our products NSK – domestically products cooperate with Soloham Ltd.

Yoyorecreation is world’s cutting-edge pioneer of the very first Japanese domestic manufacturer.

Holding the largest domestic market share, and large number of leading players enjoy yoyorecreation’s yoyo at the world matches every year.
Since our establishment, we never stop producing yoyo revolutions to fit the highest performances in its structures for professional players.

For our aims to find the very best product once again,  yoyorecreation started to refine the bearing which is one of the heart of yo-yo.

Therefore it was necessary to sign up an agreement with NSK Ltd. the world’s ball bearing manufacture specializing for yo-yos and the only one company alignment with Soloham Ltd.

Originally, any balling bearings for yoyo never put any oil in itself,
only  as dry usage since their appearance.

Using without any oil which is impossible for ordinary bearings as they
cause noises and/or durabilities.

Developed new shape silent, oil free bearing which we strongly believed the best and the only one for high quality yoyo.
This time, we succeeded in largely upgrading in precision as well as durability which improved DS bearing by using the highest technology of NSK Ltd.

All parts are carefully hand assembled in cleanrooms in Japan,
will not cause any noise without any oil at all.

It releases it by a national convention as bearing of the new development that had both the growth of the turn that is not thought about, “NSKDS bearing” in good point and before of the sliding that is good DS bearing.

Announcing Bland New “NSKDS bearing” out at JAPAN NATIONAL YOYO CONTEST 2015.
Experience the ultimate this smoothness and spinning with our product.

Made in Japan

NSK Micro Precision Co.,LTD.